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The Motif of Rajatarangini
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The task took ten years in the making .The labour that extended over such a long period was a study whose every point Stein had discussed with Pandit Govind Kaul.

“Completion of the work on Rajatarangini also ended a period in Stein’s life. Looking back he saw that all his efforts to make the finished product worthy of his teacher Buhler and lamented friend Govind Kaul had also become the vehicle that brought him to the threshold of his new self made career as a pioneer in Central Asian research”.

“The chronicle is the only really historical record of old Hindu India which has come down to us.” - Aurel Stein.

(From a letter dated August 30, 1912, written by Aurel Stein to Stuart Fraser, the then Resident of Kashmir.) Stein Ms 40, Bodleian Library, Oxford.

“Kashmir owing to favourable geographical conditions and advantages derived from inherited mental qualification of a portion of its population has played an important role in the ancient history of India all through historical times. It was a role out of all proportions to the size of the country and the numerical strength of its population. For the student of Indian history and civilization, Kashmir offers the exceptional advantage of possessing in Kalhana’s Rajatarangini a detailed indigenous record of the political and cultural events of the country. It is full and reliable from the 7 th century down to the 12 th century and as such is unparalleled in Indian literature for any part of Hindu period.” - Sir Aurel Stein.

(From a letter dated October 20, 1940, Srinagar, written by Sir Aurel Stein to Secretary, Land, Health and Education, Government of India.) Stein Ms 82, Bodleian Library, Oxford.

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