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Supported by:
  Heritage Lottery Fund, Cambridge.
  Bodelian Library, Oxford.
  Nityanand Shastri Library Collection, Delhi.
  Kashmir Bhavan Centre, Luton.

Principal Promoters - Heritage Lottery Fund, (East) Cambridge, U.K.:

Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) supports projects involving the regional, national and local heritage of the United Kingdom except Channel Islands and the Isle of Man to broaden the horizons of heritage. The grants provided by it help conserve and enhance diverse heritage and encourages communities to identify, look-after and celebrate their heritage. HLF increases opportunities for learning about heritage and to open heritage resources and sites to the widest possible audiences.

Host Agency - Kashmir Bhawan Centre, Luton , U.K.:

Constituted in the year 1999 Kashmir Bhawan Centre (also referred as Bhawan)is a U.K. based non political and non profit organization promoting Kashmiri culture, heritage and language. The Bhawan supports programmes and events which deal with history, traditions, culture, language, music, dance, scholarship and literature of Kashmir.
Principal Office Bearers:  
Dr. Vijay Dhar, Chairman.
Dr. S.N. Ganju, Founder Member.
Ms. Neha Kotwal, Project Director
Mr. Surinder Koul,
Chartered Accountant & Auditor.

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