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The Pandits:

“Kashmir the home of the Kashmiri Pandits is linked with history full of the misty past infinitely remote. They have withstood the march of the centuries. Still they survive. They are among the few races still existing and whose traditions run back to gods and the divine origin of things. They have ever been renowned for their genius and highest proficiency in learning. The Pandit is intelligent. He is shrewd, alive to the comic touch, and has a natural gift of repartee. He is free from crime against the person and from burglary and thievery. He is truly of simple breed - simple in food and simple in dress. Patience and resignation are writ large on his behaviour The Pandit considers charity as a sacred duty and has endurance. Free from bigotry the Pandit deals impartially with all other communities. He is essentially a man of peace, living peacefully and complacently with his Muhammadan brethren. Self - sacrifice is a marked feature in his character. Contentment dominates his character.” - Pandit Anand Kaul.

Kashmiri Pandit couple

Kashmiri Pandit children with their
great grandmother

Kashmiri Pandit children with their great grandfather

“The Kashmiri Pandits are among the finest types of the Aryan race.” - Sir Monier –Monier Williams.

“The Kashmiri Brahmins are quite High- Aryan in the type of their features - very fair and handsome, with high chiseled features, and no trace of intermixture of the blood of any lower race. As a body they excel in acuteness the same number of any other race with whom they come in contact.” - George Campbell.

"Their intellectual superiority over the rest of the population must be admitted. Some of them are very superior, trustworthy, honest, clear-headed and industrious.” - Dr. Ernest Neve.

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