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Chronology of Rulers
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The names of Musalman kings are continued from Major Cunningham’s papers:

Shahmir 1334 AD
Jamshir 1337 AD
Alauddin 1339 AD
Shahabuddin 1352 AD
Kutbuddin 1370 AD
Sikandar 1386 AD
Ali Shah 1410 AD
Zainulabdin 1417 AD
Haider Shah 1467 AD
Hasan 1469 AD
Muhamad 1481 AD
Fateh Shah 1483 AD
Muhamad 1492 AD (second time)
Fateh Shah 1513 AD (second time)
Muhamad 1514 AD (third time)
Fateh Shah 1517 AD (third time)
Muhamad 1520 AD (fourth time)
Nazuk Shah 1527 AD
Muhamad 1530 AD (fifth time)
Nazuk Shah 1537 AD (second time)
Mirza Haider 1541 AD
Finally Mughals annexed Kashmir under the reign of Akbar in 1586 AD

(Reproduced from Stein MSS 390, Bodleian Library, Oxford.):

Acccording to Yavanrajavanshavali written by Munshi Devi Prasad Kayast in 1911 AD, the last Hindu king of Kashmir was named Siyadev.A Muslim ascetic named Shah Mirza who claimed his ancestry to Arjun Pandav gained access to his court. After the death of Siyadev, his son Ranjandev came to throne and appointed Shah Mirza as his minister and care taker of his son Chandradev. Following the death of Ranjandev his relation named Udhyana became the king. Udhyana also gave full powers to Shah Mirza and his two sons Jamshid and Ali Sher. His two other sons named Sarshamak and Hindal also wielded a great influence on people that made Udhyana suspicious of their intention resulting in their ouster from the court. Using their power they connived with the king’s detractors to oust him. This followed the king loosing his grip on the power and ultimately his death. Udhyana’s widow Kota Devi desired that her son Chandradev should succeed his father which however did not meet the approval of Shah Mirza. This ensued a fight between her and Shah Mirza in which she was taken a captive and the latter assumed power under the name of Sultan Shamsuddin.

The chronology of Muslim kings of Kashmir as spelt in the Yavanrajavanshavali reads as under and is based on Twarikhe - Ferishta the famous chronicle of Muslim rulers of India written by Muhammed Qasim Ferishta under the orders of Ibrahim Adil Shah ,the king of south of Bijapur.

Shamsuddin for 3 years,1347 AD
Jamshid ,son of Shasuddin for 1 year and 2 months.1350 AD
Allauddin Alisher, elder brother of Shamsuddin for 13 years.1351 AD
Shahuddin Sarashamak younger brother of Allauddin for 20 years,1363 AD
Qutubuddin younger brother of Hindal Sarashamak 1383 AD
Sultan Sikandar son of Qutubuddin ,1394 AD
Ali Shah son of Sikandar,1417 AD
Zainulabdin son of Alishah,1424 AD
Shah Haider son of Zainulabdin for 1 year and 2 months,1473 AD
Shah Hassan son of Shah Haider
Mohamad Shah son of Shah Hassan
Fateh Shah son of Adam Khan after arresting Mohamad Shah for one year,1490 AD
Mohamad Shah by dethroning Fateh Shah for 9 months,1498 AD
Fateh Shah by dethroning Mohmad Shah for one year,1499 AD
Mohamad Shah by dethroning Fateh Shah for 12 years,1500 AD
Ibrahim Shah son of Mohamad Shah after arresting his father for 8 months,1512 AD
Nazuk Shah son of Ibrahim Shah
Mohamad Shah for the 4 th time after declaring Nazuk Shah as his successor
Shamasuddin son of Mohamad Shah
Nazuk Shah for 6 months
Mirza Haider Turk after defeating Nazuk Shah for 10 years
Nazuk Shah for the 3 rd time after the death of Mirza Haider for 2 months
Ibrahim Shah son of Nazuk Shah for 5 months
Ismail Shah nephew of Ibrahim Shah for 2 years,1556 AD
Habib Shah for 5 years
Ghazi Shah Chak servant of Habib Shah for 4 years,1561 AD
Hussain Shah brother of Ghazi Shah ,1565 AD
Ali Shah brother of Hussain Shah
Yusuf Shah, nephew of Alishah,1578 AD
Yaqub Shah son of Yusuf Shah.
And finally Akbar annexed Kashmir into the Mughal empire after defeating Yaqub Shah in 1587 AD.

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