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Supported by:
  Heritage Lottery Fund, Cambridge.
  Bodelian Library, Oxford.
  Nityanand Shastri Library Collection, Delhi.
  Kashmir Bhavan Centre, Luton.
Aims & Objectives


To help promote Asian culture and heritage and raise its awareness amongst the Indian Diaspora and British Asians.
2 To demonstrate the common heritage of people in England and India .

To portray Sir Aurel Stein’s life and labours in Kashmir highlighting his career as a Sanskrit scholar- a less known facet of his work compared to his achievements as an explorer and archaeologist.


To initiate a public awareness program of his Sanskrit manuscripts collection in which the people of England and India will be able to celebrate a common heritage.


Special Features:


The Web site provides free access for the first time ever to digitized Kashmir Sanskrit manuscripts from Stein’s collection lying in the Bodleian Library, Oxford .
2 A focus on Sir Aurel Stein as a Sanskrit scholar.
3 The website also features never before used the first time images and references to documents from the Bodleian and Nityanand Shastri Library collections.
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